Friday, February 1, 2019

Helping Our Children Succeed

Do you know that the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care has a team of five early childhood experts helping to “build brains” in libraries and museums throughout Berkshire County? These experts are known as family engagement specialists, and they provide a wide range of learning opportunities for families and children - from the time they are born until they enter school.

The programs they offer range from preschool gym time to story times to STEAM activities for little scientists and everything in between. For example, in partnership with South Berkshire Kids, the Berkshire Museum takes some of their most popular programs on the road to south county locations, introducing young minds to reptiles and small animals. Miss Jess invites the children in attendance to touch them, as she cautions, “This reptile is small, so you need to pet him with just one finger, very gently. He likes to be stroked from his head down to his tail.”  As each child patiently waits his or her turn, with a pointed finger and an inquiring mind, they make observations and ask questions - “He is soft, and really cold,” and “Why does he have spots?” 

Learning happens everywhere, and we all want our children to succeed. To learn more about these and other early learning programs, please visit our website. By supporting families and promoting early literacy, we can all help our kids arrive at school ready to learn!

Karen Vogel
Director of Community Impact

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